TW64 Умный браслет Bluetooth 4.0 Отслеживание сна

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Особенности продукта:

  • Fitness tracker connects to your mobile device to help you maintain healthy habits
  • Compatibility
  • Compatible with iOS 6.1 or above; Android 4.3 or above; Bluetooth version 4.0(low power consumption).
  • Tracking steps
  • Your private management experts, help you monitor the daily movement, always check the number of steps, helping you to achieve your health goals.
  • Distance measurement
  • Measure you daily walking distance precisely.
  • Calorie consumption management
  • Measuring the calorie burned when you doing exercise.
  • Sleep cycle
  • To monitor the quality of your sleep, let you know whether you have a good sleep.
  • Reminder
  • Setting reminder for drinking, taking medicines, meeting, sitting for too long or other customized alarm.
  • Call reminder
  • When incoming calls are not answered in a certain time, TW64 will remind you by vibration (Now only support Android phones).
  • Message reminder
  • When new message arrived, TW64 will remind you by vibration, in that case you wil not miss any timely message (Now only support Android phones).
  • Time display
  • Sync your smart phone will display time.
  • IP67 water resistant
  • Convenient for your daily life.
  • Regular service 7 days
  • About 7 days standby time, say goodbye to charge every day.
  • Band Materials
  • Made of rubber, hardness is harder than ordinary rubber but more comfortable to you.
  • Download App
  • Scan the QR code to download the app.
  • 无标题文档FAQs
    Q: Where is it made and what is the name of the app it uses? Thanks.
    A: This is made in China. The app name is Movnow Plus.

    Q: Does the wristband directly display the number of steps you take?
    A:  Yes, you can check steps on the wristband or app after syncing data via Bluetooth.

    Q: How long is the battery life?
    A: The battery will last about 7 days on a full charge.

    Q: * Does it track your sleep calories burned? * Does it track running or is that too fast? * Does it track stair steps (vertical movement) or only walking (horizontal movement)? * What specific items come in the package?
    A: This does not track sleep calories burned. It will monitor steps and mileage while running. It can keep track of stair steps. In the box you will receive the following: 1 X USB Cable, 1 x Instructions, 1 x Watch.

    Q: Can I use it with an LG phone or an iPad or an apple laptop?
    A: It would not be laptop compatible. You could use it with Apple mobile devices running operating system IOS 6.1 or above or Android devices running operating system 4.3 or above.

    Q: Can you set up a friend's list?
    A: Unfortunately, you would be unable to set up a friend's list.

    Q: Does it track stair steps?
    A: Yes, this can track stair steps.

    Q: Does this allow you to set fitness goals?
    A: Yes, you can set fitness goals with the app.

    Q: Can I buy two, one for me & one for my son and use them both on my phone? Or does it have to be one tracker on the phone?
    A: Unfortunately, this would not be possible. One app can only connect to one tracker at a time.

    Q: Does it have stopwatch?
    A: This does not have a stopwatch feature.

    Q: Does it need to be a walking or running motion to count steps and calculate calories?  (i.e. If I workout like spinning will it tell me total calories burned from the workout? Or is calorie count solely based on steps taken?)
    A: No need to switch to walking motion or running motion, the device will calculate the steps or calories automatically.

    Q: Can you read how many steps you take on the tracker or can you only view that info using your phone?
    A: Yes, you can read steps on the tracker or on the phone after you have sync the data by Bluetooth.

    Q: What specifically does it track with sleeping patterns and how?
    A: It will monitor the quality of your sleep through its health software, how long you sleep, counting up your time of deep sleep, light sleep, according to Calculation principle of turning over.

    Q: Is it waterproof?
    A: It is IP67 water resistant. It is not suggested for swimming or shower use.

    Q: Does it have a clock on it?
    A: It does have a clock display.

    Q: Military time?
    A: Yes, it also displays standard time as well.

    Q: Can this be linked to the app fit bits?
    A: No, this works with the app Movnow Plus.

спецификации продукта:

    Модель: TW64
    Совместимость ОС смартфона: Android 4.3 или выше, IOS 6.0 или выше
    Bluetooth: 3.0
    Тип экрана: OLED
    Материал экрана: Не Сенсорный экран
    Время в режиме ожидания/резервное время: Около 7 дней
    Тип батареи: Аккумуляторная литиевая батарея
    Емкость Батареи: 40mAh
    Зарядки: Зарядный кабель USB
    Водонепроницаемый рейтинг: IP67
    Характеристика: Bluetooth, Шагомер, вызов напоминание, SMS напоминание, монитор сна
    язык: Английский
    Циферблат: Белый Слово, Черный Край
    Материал ремешка: Резина
    Цвет ремешка: Синий, Оранжевый, Чёрный
    Размер Браслета(L*W):: 242x20mm / 9.53x0.79 дюйм
    Круглая форма: прямоугольный
    Комплект поставки: 1 х USB кабель, 1 X Инструкции, Часы 1 шт.
    Размер Крышки(L*W*H): 20x18x10 mm / 0.79x0.71x0.39 дюйм
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